Miami to Key West

Perfect for Beginners • Perfect for Experts

December 13 - 17, 2020

(Want to arrive earlier or stay later? We can help!)

Another swell ride from yer ol' pal Glen

Free transport round-trip for your fully-assembled bike

  (All bikes welcome, including tandems, recumbents, and battery assist)

No bike shipping • No bike packing • No bike disassembly • No airline fees

Free luggage transport (no airline baggage fees)

Just drop off your bike in your choice of cities and we'll do the rest:

  New York City

  Paramus, NJ



  Washington, D.C.

  Richmond, VA

• • •

Get ready for an amazing ride! When there's freezing cold slush on the ground at home, we'll be pedaling where it's warm, flat, and fun, from Miami all the way to Mile Zero -- Key West, Florida.

Complete details follow, but here's the short version:


Drop off your bike -- fully-assembled -- and we will transport it to Miami for you for free. (Prefer to transport your bike another way? No problem-o! We can help.)

We can take a piece of luggage for you too!  (Save those airline baggage fees...)

AND... want a little more sunny vacation time in winter? We can arrange for you to check in to Miami a couple days early or stay longer in Key West if you prefer. Just let us know).

Sunday December 13th

Fly into Miami International Airport. You pick the flight/airline/time that's best for you.

Welome to Florida! We already have your bike and your luggage -- safe and sound.

Hang out at our official hotel -- we'll meet you by the rooftop pool. Let us buy you a drink and a snack. Relax!

In the evening we'll head out to one of Miami's incredibly popular food halls.  (Think "very high-end and pricy food court with top chefs and signature cocktails".)  All included in the price of the ride.

(PS -- we hate wedding-style banquets: "Fish or chicken, honey?" -- and that's why we go to cool places like this.)

No-car bike path -- the ride out of Miami

We'll wind up in Homestead, FL -- a tacky little town at the entrance of the Florida Keys, with some hidden gems if you know where to look.  (And we know where to look!)  We'll have a cold drink waiting for you by the pool. In the evening we'll head off property for a great local dinner together to celebrate our first day of riding.

While we're on the topic -- we have a lot of great activities planned all week, but this is YOUR vacation. Don't want to attend a meal? Skip it! Rather head your own way? Sure!

Monday December 14th

We ride! We'll have a full breakfast and then hit the road.

A pro mechanic will be on duty before we head out to take care of any last-minute tweaking.

It's about 40 VERY flat miles today along back roads and some really cool no-car bike paths. We ride through beautiful neighborhoods and lush backroads filled with palm trees and fields. (If you own any house plants you're about to see where they are grown!)

BUT... every day we offer a very cool service -- don't want to pedal the entire distance? We can zoom you ahead in our fleet of vehicles and save you some miles if you wish. No need to decide in advance -- you can tell us the morning of the ride what you prefer.

Thursday December 17th

Alas, it's back to reality!  Departure day. If you want to stay extra days in Key West just let us know -- happy to help.

Tuesday December 15th

Today we'll pedal from Homestead to the Hawk's Cay resort, located on Duck Key.  The route is still incredibly flat with a few modest rises as we cross the causeways. Distance is about 79 miles. If you wish we will zoom you forward with your bike so you can pedal the mileage that's just right for you! Would you rather ride 50 miles? 40 miles? 30 miles? 20 miles?  Your choice!

At the end of today's ride you'll find your bags waiting in your room.

Great drinks and food poolside after the ride . (So even if you are capable of doing a longer distance today, you might want to pick a shorter one so you have more time by the pool!)  We'll be headed to a great dinner by the water just a bit later after you've had a chance to relax.

The bike truck will load up in the morning and depart by 10 a.m. for the trip all the way back north.

Need to leave earlier?  Prefer to stay later?  (Never coming home?)  Just let us know.

We'll take your bike fully assembled -- no packing, no shipping, no bike box needed, and we can take your luggage too if you wish.

We'll let you know which date your bike and luggage will be back in your city.

Now that your bike is taken care of, let's talk about getting YOU home!  We recommend that you book your return flight home to leave directly from Key West airport. Faster and easier than the other choices. (If you want to go overland all the way back to Miami we will be happy to drive you, but we don't recommend it -- it's a five hour van trip.)

Back to winter weather, but with great memories of pedaling Miami to Key West.

The pool at Hawks Cay -- our lodging on Day 3

Wednesday December 16th

On to Key West!  Today's ride is about 65 miles. Rather ride something a bit shorter? How about 50 miles?  40?  30? 20?  Sure! We are here to serve!

We'll meet at a local Key West bar where we'll have a cold drink and some food for you.

In the evening we'll head off-property to a great local Key West dinner. (No tourist traps allowed! We eat where the locals eat.)