Getting to the Ride:

Easy Transport for Your Bike and You

Transport for Your Bike

Some folks hesitate to take a cool bike trip because they don’t want to deal with packing and shipping their bike.

So we make it super easy:

No bike disassembly.

No packing your bike into a box.

No shipping fees.

No airline surcharges.

No re-assembling your bike far from home.

(And then have to do it all over again for the trip back).

Just hand us your bike, fully assembled, and we’ll do the rest. Tandems, e-bikes, and recumbents welcome.

AND...we can transport your luggage to Florida too if you wish!  No additional charge.

We've selected a great location in New York City; Paramus, NJ; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington D.C.; and Richmond where we'll pick up your bike in our private truck.

Don’t live near one of our bike pick-up cities? Not a problem! We can take care of bike shipping for you. Just drop off your bike at your favorite local bike shop and we’ll do the rest! Rather have someone come to your home to pack your bike?  Just let us know! No need for you to take apart your bike or box it up. Extra expenses DO apply in this case. If you ship a bike box ahead we are happy to transport it during the ride. No charge.

Transport home for your bike and your luggage is free in our private truck.

Transport for You

Just book a flight on any airline that arrives on Saturday December 11th. We all meet for cocktails and snacks from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. at our Miami hotel's rooftop pool, so schedule acordingly!  Want to arrive at the hotel a day or three earlier? Let us know -- happy to help.

If you show up early at the hotel on the 11th you may not be able to check in to your room yet. Not to worry!  Leave your bags with the bell staff and hang out with us at the pool!

Why don't we book airfare for you? Because:

a) You can get a cheaper fare online than we can get by calling up the airline and offering to buy a block of seats.

b) Can you imagine trying to get everyone on the trip to agree to ONE flight schedule? Impossible!

For the return trip we recommend that your flight depart from Key West (NOT from Miami) on December 16th. If you wish we will have a van departing from Key West for the Miami airport at 10 a.m.  No charge for this, but it IS a five-hour trip.  If you take our van back to Miami we recommend that you book your flight home no earlier than 5:30 p.m.

Want to stay in Key West a couple extra days?  Happy to help -- just drop us a note.

Back in the day, arriving and departing from different cities was a big deal -- now it's a piece of cake. If you're booking online look for a link called Multi-City or similar. Here's what the page looks like:

VITAL TRIVIA! -- Note in the example above that I asked Kayak to check flights from ANY airport in the NYC area.  That means that it will be checking flights out of JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. If you are driving to the airport in the NYC area and leaving your car parked there, make sure that your flight home goes to the same airport! Unless you specify, Kayak will recommend flights that, say, leave from LaGuardia but return to Newark!

Still have questions or concerns about getting your bike or you to the ride? Drop us a note -- always glad to hear from you.

... and here's what the page looks like:

... and here's what the page from looks like: