You can be sure that there will be minor changes to this itinerary.

Check back here closer to ride day. We'll also hand out printed copies for you in Miami.

Miami to Key West



Do NOT leave a maid tip  -- we have generously tipped for you.  


Please bring your luggage to the big truck before you leave.

6:00 a.m.

Breakfast is available near the front desk and starts at 6:00 a.m.  Ask the bike-ride staff for extra-secret breakfast treats.  Bike repair starts at 6 a.m. too.

Tuesday's Ride

You have a choice of several routes today:

77 miles • 53 miles • 40 miles • 32 miles • 20 miles – pick the one that's right for you.

No matter which route you pick you should be outside the hotel office, 100% ready to rock at 7:00 a.m.  That means you've dropped off your luggage, been fed, visited the bathroom, filled your water bottles, tires pumped up…  (We'll be outside early if you need the pumps).

The 77-mile route starts pedaling right at the hotel – follow the GREEN painted marks.  For any other distance we will load up your bike and transport you forward.  Everyone is on the exact same route – the shorter routes just start pedaling closer to the finish line.

BUT… before you pick a distance, keep in mind that we are staying at the wonderful Hawk's Cay resort, which has swell poolside drinks and lunch.  Even if you can handle a longer distance, you might want to pick something a bit shorter so you can arrive earlier and have time to enjoy Hawk's Cay before dinner.

On the Bike Ride

We have very few painted marks on the route from now on.  Why?  Because once we leave Homestead, FL behind us and get on Florida Route 1, there is not a single turn all the way to Key West!

We have a stop today at a Starbucks -- let us buy you a drink!

Bike Path

There is a bike path that runs alongside Route 1.  It appears and disappears and switches sides of the road all the way to Key West. You can decide for yourself when you want to take the bike path and when you don't.  There is no one correct answer here – do what feels best for you!

The Finish Line

The locals tend to give directions based on the green mile marker signs you'll see all along the road.  Todays' finish line is at MILE 61 – Hawk's Cay Resort.  Look for our painted GREEN marks.

Retrieving Your Luggage

Your luggage will be in your room when you arrive.

Getting Your Room Key at Hawk's Cay

Just stop by the front desk to check in.  Take your bike to your room.

Lunch Poolside

When you're ready meet us poolside for a lovely lunch and some much-deserved cool drinks. All included with the trip.


We are headed to a very special dinner tonight -- I've chased this place for four years, and was finally able to arrange dinner here for us.  Stay tuned for details! Dress is casual as always, but this is a nice place (so maybe not the night to wear that T-shirt with the chain grease stains on it.