What to Pack for the Ride

Here are a couple vital items that may not seem obvious at first, but...

Your Bike Shoes

If you are riding clip-in pedals, please double-triple-extra check that you have packed your bike shoes. Every trip someone forgets them, and...

Two Masks

The COVID situation is changing fast, for the better!  Having said that, if we are at, say, a Starbucks that requires masks, we ask that you follow their rules, or just don't head in side if you prefer. Bring two masks so that you can lose one of them (like I always do!)


There will be a couple opportunities to go on SHORT, slow, fun, night-time rides to dinner.  (If you don't want to pedal to dinner we are happy to give you a lift).  If you are pedaling at night (or even think you MIGHT) you MUST have some lights on your bike.  At the MINIMUM that means a blinking red light in the rear and a blinking white light up front.

Some Poolside Clothes In Your Carry-On Bag

On our first day in Miami we'll be meeting at our hotel's lovely rooftop pool for some drinks and snacks.  Details here.

Pack some poolside clothing in your carry-on bag just in case you arrive early and your main luggage is being stored at the hotel while they prepare your room.  (You don't want to be stuck wearing your winter coat poolside!)


You must wear a hard bike helmet at all times on the ride when you are pedaling.

No helmet/no ride/no exceptions.


Water Bottles

Bring TWO water bottles with you or you will dehydrate and die. Have a nice day!

If you prefer to carry a Cambelback or similar hydration pack instead that’s fine, but NO ONE should be out with just one water bottle.


EVERYONE should have these items with them on the bike at all times while pedaling:

• A cell phone

• A small tire patch kit

• Inner tubes that fit your bike  For this six-day trip I would pack at least six inner tubes in your luggage!  You should have TWO inner tubes with you on the bike at all times. If you are riding an unusual wheel (650cc, recumbent, sew-up, folding bike, deep-dish rim that requires extra-long valve stems) you should REALLY stock up -- we won’t be anywhere near a shop that will have that stuff. Yeah, if the flat-tire gods are with you, you won’t use a single extra tube on the entire trip and that’s great -- you can stash them away for next time.

IF you are riding that unusual size wheel, you should have an extra TIRE in your suitcase too -- we will NOT be able to find a replacement if a tire goes bad.

• A small tire pump or CO2 inflator. (If you're using CO2 cartridges pack them in the luggage that we will drive to the ride for you. The airlines may not let you bring them on board in checked or carry-on luggage).

Even if you don’t know how to use this gear you should still be carrying it.  If you get a flat (and ALL bicycles get flats...) you can be back on the road in 10 minutes if you are carrying this stuff.  It can be an hour or longer (MUCH longer) if you aren’t carrying the right gear.


If you are headed off on your own you may want to bring one.  When you’re traveling with the group we’ll have someone to watch your bike whenever we dine or drink, so you won’t need to lock-up then.

GPS for Your Bike

Fun but NOT required.  We will have optional digital files available for your Garmin and your smartphone.

All Your Charging Cables

No; we do not have an extra charger for a 1997 Blackberry, and we don't know where to get one.

Bathing Suit



Dress is always casual on this trip, but you're not going to want to wear your bike clothes ALL the time.

Even though we’re in sunny Florida, it CAN rain, and we could run into a cool evening.  ‘nuff said.

There is an evening or two when we dine in restaurants that are STILL Florida-casual, but a bit nicer, so you may not want to wear that T-shirt with the chain grease stains on it.


If you ride bike shoes with cleats that’s cool, but you’re going to want to wear something else for walking around.